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Authors:The Alcuin Club (4), Percy Dearmer (3), Berkeley William Randolph (2), Francis C. Eeles (2), Ernest A. Payne (1), James Herbert Srawley (1), J. N. D. Kelly (1), Nathaniel Micklem (1), C. Leo Berry (1), T. M. Parker (1), Augustine of Hippo (1), Committee Appointed by the Holy Synod on Old Catholic and Anglican Questions (1), Stephen Neill (1), W. J. Vashon Baker (1), E. G. P. Wyatt (1) and 14 more, Herbert Newell Bate (1), Gervase Mathew (1), Cyril Bickersteth (1), Reginald Maxwell Woolley (1), Colin Dunlop (1), Margaret Deanesly (1), Margaret G. Dampier (1), Athelstan Riley (1), Stephen Gaselee (1), Leslie F. Church (1), Charles Gore (1), Gregory Dix (1), J. W. Townroe (1), W. C. Bishop (1)
Series:Alcuin Club Tracts (16)
Subjects:Church vestments (4), Church of England ⇒ Liturgy and ritual (3), Church of England ⇒ History (2), Church of England ⇒ Book of common prayer (2), Church of England (2), Lord’s Supper (Liturgy) (2), Great Britain ⇒ Church history ⇒ Juvenile literature (1), Church history (1), Liturgies ⇒ History (1), Book of common prayer (Church of England) (1) and 21 more, Church of England ⇒ Book of common prayer ⇒ History (1), Lord’s Supper ⇒ Bread (1), Church of England ⇒ Liturgy (1), Catholic Church ⇒ Liturgy (1), Episcopal Church ⇒ Book of common prayer (1), Catholic Church ⇒ Ambrosian rite (1), Catholic Church ⇒ Mozarabic rite (1), Rites and ceremonies (1), Catholic Church ⇒ Relations (1), Church year (1), Processions, religious (1), Holy Communion ⇒ Manuals (1), Church of England ⇒ Communion service (1), Liturgical movement (1), Church of England ⇒ Doctrinal and controversial works (1), Orthodox Eastern Church (1), Preaching (1), Catechetics (1), King, Edward, 1829-1910 (1), Church of England ⇒ Biography (1), Monastic and religious life of women (1)
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The Alcuin ClubAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England ⇒ Liturgy and ritual
Church vestments
The Alcuin ClubAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England
Church vestments
Church year
C. Leo BerryAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England ⇒ Communion service
Lord’s Supper (Liturgy)
The Alcuin ClubAlcuin Club TractsHoly Communion ⇒ Manuals1940
The Alcuin ClubAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England ⇒ Liturgy and ritual
Church vestments
E. G. P. WyattAlcuin Club TractsCatholic Church ⇒ Liturgy
Church of England ⇒ Book of common prayer
Church of England ⇒ Liturgy
Percy DearmerChurch of England ⇒ History
Great Britain ⇒ Church history ⇒ Juvenile literature
Percy DearmerChurch of England ⇒ History1912
Percy DearmerAlcuin Club TractsChurch vestments1950
Francis C. EelesAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England1948
Athelstan RileyAlcuin Club TractsBook of common prayer (Church of England)
Church of England ⇒ Book of common prayer ⇒ History
Liturgies ⇒ History
Augustine of Hippo
W. J. Vashon Baker
Cyril Bickersteth
Colin DunlopAlcuin Club TractsChurch of England ⇒ Liturgy and ritual
Processions, religious
Committee Appointed by the Holy Synod on Old Catholic and Anglican QuestionsAlcuin Club TractsEpiscopal Church ⇒ Book of common prayer1917
Berkeley William RandolphMonastic and religious life of women1913
Reginald Maxwell WoolleyAlcuin Club TractsLord’s Supper ⇒ Bread1913
James Herbert SrawleyAlcuin Club TractsLiturgical movement1954
Berkeley William Randolph
J. W. Townroe
Church of England ⇒ Biography
King, Edward, 1829-1910
W. C. BishopAlcuin Club TractsCatholic Church ⇒ Ambrosian rite
Catholic Church ⇒ Mozarabic rite
Margaret G. DampierOrthodox Eastern Church1910
Charles GoreChurch of England ⇒ Doctrinal and controversial works1916
J. N. D. Kelly
Nathaniel Micklem
Gregory Dix
T. M. Parker
Stephen Neill
Gervase Mathew
Margaret Deanesly
Leslie F. Church
Ernest A. Payne
Church history1951
Stephen GaseleeAlcuin Club TractsCatholic Church ⇒ Relations
Rites and ceremonies
Herbert Newell Bate
Francis C. Eeles
Alcuin Club TractsChurch of England ⇒ Book of common prayer
Lord’s Supper (Liturgy)