Authors:Augustine of Hippo, Philip Schaff
Published by:Christian Literature Company (1887)
Series:Early Church Fathers (Protestant Edition)
Subjects:Christian literature, early, Fathers of the church
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Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, First Series, Volume IV: St. Augustin: The Writings against the Manichaeans and against the Donatists.

The Early Church Fathers is one of the most important collections of historical, philosophical and theological writings available in English to the student of the Christian Church. These documents provide the most comprehensive witness to the development of Christianity and Christian thought during the period immediately following the Apostolic Era.

Contents of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series IV

Augustine of Hippo

Of the Morals of the Catholic Church

On the Morals of the Manichæans

Concerning Two Souls, against the Manichæans

Acts or Disputation against Fortunatus, the Manichæan

Against the Epistle of Manichæus Called Fundamental

Reply to Faustus the Manichæan

Concerning the Nature of Good, against the Manichæans

On Baptism, against the Donatists

In Answer to the Letters of Petilian, the Donatist, Bishop of Cirta

A Treatise concerning the Correction of the Donatists (Letter 185)