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“The modern media saturates our senses with trash. It also provides stiff competition for one who hopes to talk about grander and purer themes. Is it possible to produce a magazine attractive enough, journalistically competent enough, and yet scriptural enough that it can be useful and used? We don’t know. We have pledged one year to find out. We believe it is needed. Do you agree?”

Those words come from the introduction to the first issue of Christianity Magazine, published in 1984. The editors, Dee Bowman, Paul Earnhart, Ed Harrell, and Brent Lewis, soon had their answer: a resounding “yes.” For sixteen years, Christianity Magazine flourished as a premier monthly Christian magazine. And now all sixteen years, all 176 issues, are available for Logos Bible Software!

Christianity Magazine provides scriptural, practical, resonant, and inspiring articles that will build faith and hope. Along with its regular monthly columns, each issue spotlights a different theme and features a variety of voices from trusted Christian leaders.