Author:Henry J. Wicks
Published by:Hunter & Longhurst (1915)
Subjects:Apocalyptic literature ⇒ History and criticism, Apocryphal books (Old Testament) ⇒ Theology, Apocrypha ⇒ Theology, God (Judaism)
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Before diving into the doctrine of God as found in the Jewish apocryphal and apocalyptic literature, Henry J. Wicks gives a valuable introduction to the material, which he analyzes in three parts: “The Transcendence of God,” “The Justice of God,” and “The Grace of God.” The works covered include Ecclesiasticus, Tobit, the Ethiopic Enoch, Jubilees, the Sibylline Oracles, 1 Maccabees, the Psalms of Solomon, Judith, the additions to Daniel, the Epistle of Jeremy, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Book of Baruch, and many others.