Author:Eugene E. Carpenter
Published by:Sheffield Academic Press (1997)
Subjects:Bible. O.T. ⇒ Criticism, interpretation, etc
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A Biblical Itinerary is dedicated to George Coats, former Professor of Old Testament at Lexington Theological Seminary, Kentucky and author of Rebellion in the Wilderness, From Canaan to Egypt, Moses: Heroic Man, Man of God, and other books. The essays collected here, reflecting many of George Coats’s interests, include:

• “Some Reflections on the Canonical Moses: Moses and Abraham,” Rolf Rendtorff

• “Biblical and Early Islamic Moses,” Malcolm Clark

• “Narrative Form Criticism: Dead or Alive?” Trent Butler

• “Beyond Reality: Poetic Discourse and Psalm 107,” John W. Roffey

• “Redaction Criticism: Whence, Whither, and Why? Or, Going Beyond Source and Form Criticism without Leaving them Behind,” Lawson G. Stone

• “Exodus 18: Its Structure, Style, Motifs, and Function in the Book of Exodus,” Eugene Carpenter

• “Structure and Meaning in the Sinai–Horeb Narrative,” Joseph Blenkinsopp

• “From Faithful Prophet to Villain: Observations on the Tradition History of the Balaam Story,” John Van Seters

• “The Missing Voice,” James L. Crenshaw

• “The Futile Quest for the Historical Prophet,” Gene M. Tucker

• “On the Task of Old Testament Theology,” Rolf P. Knierim

• “Scripture and the Formation of Christian Identity,” Roy F. Melugin