Authors:Keith Warrington, Trevor J. Burke
Published by:SPCK (2014)
Subjects:Holy Spirit ⇒ Biblical teaching
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Written by an international team of leading scholars, this volume is a comprehensive exploration of the role and work of the Holy Spirit, as witnessed in both the Old and New Testaments. With contributions by Craig Bartholomew, Gary Burge, James D. G. Dunn, Walter Kaiser, Wonsuk Ma, and Matthias Wenk, among others, this authoritative survey will rapidly establish itself as a standard reference point for scholars and students of all theological persuasions.

Any attempt at a “biblical theology” must begin with a careful exegesis of the biblical text. To this end, each contributor address the text through a rigorous exegesis of pertinent passages, keeping in mind the genre, canonical contexts and sweep of redemptive history.