Author:Adam Clarke
Published by:J. Nuttall, R. & W. Dean & Co., William Baynes (1802)
Subjects:Classical literature ⇒ Bibliography, Early printed books, Incunabula ⇒ Bibliography
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Traits:supports-au diodorus-siculus, supports-au homerus, supports-au horace and 13 more, supports-au juvenal, supports-au lucan, supports-au ovid, supports-au pliny-the-elder, supports-au quintilian, supports-au seneca, supports-au vergil, supports-bible, supports-bible lxx, supports-date, supports-eusebius, supports-irenaeus, supports-vp
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This dictionary includes detailed entries on thousands of people and their significant works. Methodist scholar Adam Clarke compiled this massive work, as well as the follow-up, The Bibliographical Miscellany.