Author:Lorenzo DiTommaso
Published by:Sheffield Academic Press (2001)
Subjects:Apocryphal books (Old Testament) ⇒ Criticism, interpretation, etc. ⇒ Bibliography
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This comprehensive bibliography of research on the Pseudepigrapha and cognate literature covers the period from 1850 to the present day—thus encompassing almost all the secondary literature on this topic. A reference work designed for both institutions and individual scholars, it systematically presents a structured bibliography for each ancient text, highlighting elements such as ‘Texts and Textual Issues’, ‘Translations’, ‘General Studies’, and ‘Specific Studies’.

In addition, this book covers a host of topics related to the context and content of the classic Pseudepigrapha, providing an indispensable reference tool for anyone, scholar or student, engaged on, or interested in, research in the Pseudepigrapha.