Author:James Ussher
Published by:A. and J. Churchill, J. Taylor, J. Wyatt, Jonathan Robinson, R. J. (1702)
Subjects:Incarnation ⇒ Early works to 1800, Theology, doctrinal ⇒ 17th century, Ussher, James, 1581-1656
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“What is that which all Men especially desire? Eternal Life and Happiness.” So begins the question and answer format that James Ussher uses with great effect in A Body of Divinity: or, the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion. Considered to be one of the classic works on Reformation theology, Ussher’s book was heavily resourced during the Westminster Assembly. Full of spiritual gems and theological insight, this volume is perfect for family and personal devotional reading. This much over-looked book is a gateway into Puritan history and essential to understanding the roots of the English Reformation.

This edition also includes a short biography of James Ussher, his short catechism for students, and a catechism on the major doctrines of Christianity.