Author:Frederic William Farrar
Published by:Longman (1867)
Subjects:Greek language ⇒ Grammar, Greek language ⇒ Syntax
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Traits:supports-au aeschylus, supports-au aristophanes, supports-au aristoteles and 40 more, supports-au aristoteles-bcs, supports-au athenaeus, supports-au catullus, supports-au cicero, supports-au demosthenes, supports-au diogenes-laertius, supports-au dionysius-halicarnassensis, supports-au euripides, supports-au herodotus, supports-au homerus, supports-au horace, supports-au livy, supports-au lucan, supports-au lucretius, supports-au lysias, supports-au oppianus, supports-au ovid, supports-au pindarus, supports-au plato, supports-au plautus, supports-au pliny-the-elder, supports-au plutarchus, supports-au quintilian, supports-au sallust, supports-au seneca, supports-au sophocles, supports-au statius, supports-au tacitus, supports-au terence, supports-au theocritus, supports-au thucydides, supports-au vergil, supports-au xenophon, supports-bible, supports-bible bhs, supports-bible lxx, supports-date, supports-page, supports-shks, supports-tertullian
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This collection is invaluable for any student of the Greek language. Farrar briefly chronicles the entire language including the alphabet, letters as numerals, pronunciation, and parts of speech in the first volume, while the second volume includes in-depth descriptions of specific grammar rules. Combined into one collection, these two volumes contain the basics of the Greek language written in a clear manner by a prominent scholar in the field.

This volume contains an overview of the Greek language including parts of speech, the alphabet, pronunciation, and more.