Author:Millard J. Erickson
Published by:Baker (1998)
Subjects:Eschatology ⇒ History of doctrines, Millennium (Eschatology)
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At the turn of the millennium, when increasing attention was being given to eschatological subjects, there was a need for an objective, comprehensive overview of the various end-times perspectives. A Basic Guide to Eschatology provided just such a resource.

In this fair, careful, and accessible study, leading evangelical theologian Millard Erickson gives an overview of various end-times perspectives. Pastors, students, and all those interested in end-times thought will find A Basic Guide to Eschatology an understandable, well-organized examination of the various viewpoints.

Each of Erickson’s position evaluations includes a brief overview, a history, a more thorough examination of its major concepts and of the arguments offered in support of them; and an evaluation of both its positive and negative aspects. This volume contains an updated chapter that discusses new developments in dispensationalism.