Author:Steve Gallagher
Published by:Pure Life Ministries (2004)
Subjects:Christian men ⇒ Religious life, Lust ⇒ Religious aspects ⇒ Christianity, Sex addiction ⇒ Religious aspects ⇒ Christianity, Sex ⇒ Religious aspects ⇒ Christianity
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Those who attend Pure Life Ministries commit to a six-month program, where they are taught Scriptural principles of Christian lifestyle through in-depth Bible study, intensive prayer, supportive fellowship and one-on-one counseling. But the facilities are limited to how many applicants they can take at any given time. It was for this reason Steve wrote A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict, to provide a practical Biblical model for churches and counselors who minister to people engrossed in sexual sin.

This book, written for pastors, ministers, counselors and lay leaders, is not one of theory, but the result of proven successful practice as demonstrated at the Pure Life Ministries campus. Laying aside pop psychology and excuses of unmet needs and childhood trauma, PLM insists that a pure life is accomplished by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit and a submission to the Scriptures. Using the fundamentals of Biblical counseling as they relate to sexual sin, Steve shares specific areas where these principles can be applied. For instance, helping young people deal with the temptations they often encounter. Or supporting the wife who has been devastated with the discovery of her husband’s infidelity. Or when ministering to the homosexual or confronting a pastor who struggles with pornography and other sexual sins. In the final section of the book Steve shows how to begin a ministry of support for those who have fallen into sexual idolatry.