Authors:William Russel, James Maurus Corker, Lionel Anderson, David Joseph Kemish, Alexander Lumsden, Charles Parris, Henry Starkey
Published by:Text Creation Partnership (1680)
Subjects:Corker, James Maurus, 1636-1715 ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Kemish, David Joseph ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Lumsden, Alexander ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Parris, Charles ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Popish Plot, 1678, Russel, William ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Starkey, Henry ⇒ Trials, litigation, etc, Trials (Treason) ⇒ England
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Get a first-hand look at English life and literature in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. Comprising primary source historical documents and literary works, this collection provides insight into English literature, politics, and culture.