Authors:Philip Schaff, Napoleon Roussel
Published by:Carlton & Lanahan, Hitchcock & Walden (1868)
Subjects:Jesus Christ ⇒ Divinity, Renan, Ernest, 1823-1892 ⇒ Vie de J├ęsus
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Ernest Renan was a popular writer and philosopher during the nineteenth century whose bestselling work was the Vie de Jesus (Life of Jesus), in which he argued that the life of Christ should be subject to the same scrutiny as anyone else. Renan admitted the early origins and authenticity of the Gospels, yet rejected the miracles, and reduces the narratives to mythical legends.

To address this theological and historical deficiency, Philip Schaff and M. Napoleon Roussel published this collection of essays which explain the divinity, person, and mission of Jesus Christ. Schaff affirms the historic reliability of the Gospels in the face of widespread increasing skepticism.