Author:Athanasius of Alexandria
Published by:Francis & John Rivington, John Henry Parker (1854)
Series:A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church
Subjects:Easter ⇒ Sermons, Sermons, English ⇒ Translations from Syriac
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The Festal Epistles is a collection of formal pastoral letters written on a year-by-year basis that commemorate the Easter season. These letters, traditionally sent by the Bishop of Alexandria, are known to modern scholars from multiple ancient sources and appear in the historical record as early as AD 247. Athanasius began writing these homily-style letters in AD 329, and continued to compose them until AD 373. In all, Athanasius composed 44 letters, and each bears the marks of his remarkable intellect and his stalwart Nicene faith. A rich avenue for studying his life and ministry, Athanasius’ penned his letters during times of peace, intense theological debate, and multiple exiles, but each was intended for the edification of the Alexandrian church.