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Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri (2,816), Logos Mobile Education (1,479), Tabletalk Magazine (1,378), Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls (1,300), Themelios (1,201), First Things (834), The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts (700), CAL Targums (693), Christian History Magazine (675), Semeia (638), The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons (631), Pulpit Commentary (629), A LifeGuide Bible Study (607), The Fathers of the Church (585), Tyndale Commentaries (569), United Bible Societies’ Handbooks (563), Lange’s Commentary (549), Christianity Magazine (536), Bibliotheca Sacra (528), Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (480).

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H. C. Leupold Commentary Collection (6)
Handbooks for Bible Classes (5)
Handbooks for Bible Classes and Private Students (8)
Handbooks for New Testament Exegesis (2)
Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis (3)
Harnack’s History of Dogma (7)
Harper’s Library of Living Thought (2)
Harvard Theological Review (16)
Harvard Theological Studies I (1)
Harvard Translations (1)
Haverford Library Collection of Cuneiform Tablets (3)
Hearts Aflame Scripture Study (2)
Helps for Students of History (2)
Helps for Translators (7)
Herders Theologischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament (17)
Hermeneia (63)
Herodotus: Book I (2)
Herodotus: Book VI (2)
Herodotus: Book VIII (2)
Heroes of the Reformation (1)
High Definition Commentary Series (4)
Historia del Cristianismo (2)
Historic Leaves (8)
Historical and Linguistic Studies, Second Series (1)
Historical Theology In-Depth (2)
History of New Testament Research (3)
History of Rome (Roberts) (2)
History of the Christian Church (2)
History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ (5)
History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin (8)
History of the Rise of the Huguenots (2)
History Today (1)
Holman New Testament Commentary (12)
Holy Cross Studies in Patristic Theology and History (3)
Home University Library of Modern Knowledge (1)
Homer: Iliad (Bloomsbury) (2)
Homer: Iliad Commentary (Bloomsbury) (2)
Homer: Iliad I (1)
Homer: Iliad I Commentary (1)
Homer: Iliad III (1)
Homer: Iliad III Commentary (1)
Homer: Iliad VI (1)
Homer: Iliad VI Commentary (1)
Homer: Odyssey (Bloomsbury) (2)
Homer: Odyssey Commentary (Bloomsbury) (2)
Homer: Odyssey Commentary IX (Bloomsbury) (1)
Homer: Odyssey Commentary VI and VII (Bloomsbury) (1)
Homer: Odyssey IX (Bloomsbury) (1)
Homer: Odyssey VI and VII (Bloomsbury) (1)
Hope for the Heart Series (102)
Horace: The Odes (3)
Horae Homileticae (21)
Horae Semiticae (1)
Horizons in Religious Education (1)
Horæ Apocalypticæ (4)
Hosea: Translated from the Hebrew with Notes Explanatory and Critical (2)
Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies (15)
Hymns of Faith and Hope (3)
Hymns of the Christian Life (2)