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Authors:Anton C. M. Blommerde (1), Charles F. Aked (1), Eric Ortlund (1), Yair Hoffman (1), John H. Walton (1), James W. Watts (1), Mark Tabb (1), Hugh Ross (1), William P. Brown (1), Tremper Longman III (1), Stephen L. Cook (1), David R. Jackson (1), Ray Comfort (1), J. Gerald Janzen (1), Dan Mathewson (1) and 16 more, Corrine L. Patton (1), Betty Henderson (1), Robert Fyall (1), Maria Haralambakis (1), Terence E. Fretheim (1), Katharine Dell (1), G. Campbell Morgan (1), Cyril J. Barber (1), J. H. Eaton (1), Nathaniel Schmidt (1), Will Kynes (1), Warren W. Wiersbe (1), Peter Kreeft (1), Alfred Bowen Evans (1), William Clark (1), Scott B. Noegel (1)
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Series:Sheffield/T&T Clark Bible Guides (1), Library of Second Temple Studies (1), New Studies in Biblical Theology (1), Knowing the Bible (1), The Messages of the Bible (1), Theological Explorations for the Church Catholic (1), Wiersbe’s “Be” Series (1), G. Campbell Morgan Collection (1), The Gospel according to the Old Testament (1)
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Yair HoffmanSheffield Academic Press1996
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Warren W. WiersbeVictor BooksWiersbe’s “Be” Series1996
Terence E. FretheimBaker AcademicTheological Explorations for the Church Catholic2010
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Tremper Longman III
John H. Walton
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