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Authors:Monte Sahlin (6), Joshua Griffin (3), Kurt Johnston (2), Steve Case (2), Sally Nash (1), John R. Cionca (1), Gabe Lyons (1), Mark DeVries (1), Keith R. Miller (1), Jay Tucker (1), Brad Widstrom (1), Shawn Harrison (1), Josh Finklea (1), Jeff Dunn-Rankin (1), Craig Gross (1) and 24 more, Matt Murphy (1), Doug Fields (1), Kevin Greer (1), David Roozen (1), Cris Clapp Logan (1), Todd Outcalt (1), Marshall Shelley (1), John Mouton (1), Mark Oestreicher (1), Lucas Leys (1), Darren Sutton (1), Dean Merrill (1), Gary Zustiak (1), Reza Zadeh (1), Garth Bolinder (1), Dean Borgman (1), Jonathan McKee (1), Chap Clark (1), Steve Griffiths (1), Kent Julian (1), Tom McKee (1), David Kinnaman (1), Thomas W. McKee (1), Patricia A. Miller (1)
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Lucas LeysEditorial Vida2004
Kurt JohnstonGroup Publishing2012
Joshua Griffin
Doug Fields
Group Publishing2010
Matt Murphy
Brad Widstrom
Group Publishing2012
Kent JulianGroup Publishing2012
Reza ZadehGroup Publishing2010
Mark OestreicherGroup Publishing2012
Monte Sahlin
David Roozen
Faith Communities Today2012
Monte SahlinAdventist Today2013
Dean BorgmanBaker Academic2013
Dean Merrill
Marshall Shelley
Christianity Today
Shawn HarrisonGroup PublishingEveryday Youth Ministry2012
Monte SahlinPerspective Digest2003
Steve GriffithsSPCKLearning from the Life of Christ2013
Joshua GriffinGroup Publishing2012
Monte SahlinMonte Sahlin Consulting Materials2003
Keith R. Miller
Patricia A. Miller
Steve CaseAdventSource2011
Gary Zustiak
John Mouton
Kevin Greer
Josh Finklea
College Press2003
Todd OutcaltGroup Publishing2009
Mark DeVries
Jeff Dunn-Rankin
Group Publishing2011
John R. Cionca
Tom McKee
Garth Bolinder
Christianity Today
Leadership Library Series1986
Jonathan McKee
Thomas W. McKee
Group Publishing2012
Craig Gross
Cris Clapp Logan
Group Publishing2012
Jay TuckerLove Healing Press2011
Steve CaseAdventSource2010
Monte SahlinAdventist Witness Magazine [NAD]1998
Darren SuttonGroup PublishingEveryday Youth Ministry2012
David Kinnaman
Gabe Lyons
Monte SahlinCenter for Creative Ministry2003
Chap ClarkBaker AcademicYouth, Family, and Culture Series2015
Kurt Johnston
Joshua Griffin
Group PublishingEveryday Youth Ministry2012
Sally NashSPCKSPCK Library of Ministry2011