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Authors:Shilo Taylor (2), Paul VI (2), J. I. Packer (2), R. C. Sproul (2), Joseph Ratzinger (2), Karl Barth (2), J. N. D. Kelly (1), Henry Barclay Swete (1), Edgar C. S. Gibson (1), Winfield Bevins (1), Chun Kwan Lee (1), A. E. Burn (1), 李振群 (1), Lucas V. Woodford (1), Peter Heylyn (1) and 4 more, Caspar Olevianus (1), Robert W. Jenson (1), Rufinus of Aquileia (1), Adolf von Harnack (1)
Publishers:Wipf & Stock (3), Ignatius (2), Crossway (2), Baker (2), Lexham Press (2), Libreria Editrice Vaticana (2), C. J. Clay and Sons (1), A & C Black (1), Rivingtons (1), Longman (1) and 7 more, Westminster John Knox (1), Text Creation Partnership (1), NavPress (1), Newman Press (1), Reformation Heritage (1), Chun Kwan Lee (1), 李振群 (1)
Series:Oxford Church Text Books (1), The Oxford Library of Practical Theology (1), Interpretation: Resources for the Use of Scripture in the Church (1), Ancient Christian Writers (1), Classic Reformed Theology (1)
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J. I. PackerCrossway2008
Caspar OlevianusReformation HeritageClassic Reformed Theology2009
Shilo TaylorLexham Press2018
Shilo TaylorLexham Press2017
Robert W. JensonWestminster John KnoxInterpretation: Resources for the Use of Scripture in the Church2010
Rufinus of Aquileia
J. N. D. Kelly
Newman PressAncient Christian Writers1955
Karl BarthWipf & Stock2005
Joseph RatzingerIgnatius2009
Paul VILibreria Editrice Vaticana1968
Paul VILibreria Editrice Vaticana1968
Winfield BevinsNavPress2011
Lucas V. WoodfordWipf & Stock2012
J. I. PackerCrossway1994
Joseph RatzingerIgnatius2004
R. C. SproulBaker1998
Chun Kwan Lee
Chun Kwan Lee
Adolf von HarnackA & C Black1901
A. E. BurnRivingtonsOxford Church Text Books1914
Henry Barclay SweteC. J. Clay and Sons1894
Karl BarthWipf & Stock2006
Edgar C. S. GibsonLongmanThe Oxford Library of Practical Theology1912
Peter HeylynText Creation Partnership1654
R. C. SproulBaker2015