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Authors:Thomas Edwards (1), England and Wales (1), Samuel Willard (1), James Stanley (1), John Milton (1), Joseph Sewall (1), Alexander Henderson (1), Edward Reynolds (1), Thomas Prince (1), Philip Nye (1), Francis Howgill (1), Benjamin Eastburn (1), Roger L’Estrange (1), Andrew A. Woolsey (1), T. W. (1) and 7 more, Benjamin B. Warfield (1), Wayne R. Spear (1), Robert Letham (1), Daniel Featley (1), Thomas Vincent (1), Westminster Assembly (1), Jonathan Dickinson (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (15), Reformation Heritage (2), Christian Classics Foundation (1), Faithlife (1), P&R (1)
Series:Reformed Historical-Theological Studies (1), The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield (1), The Westminster Assembly and the Reformed Faith (1)
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Westminster Assembly (1643-1652)’s Shelf

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Thomas Prince
Samuel Willard
Joseph Sewall
Text Creation Partnership1726
Thomas VincentChristian Classics Foundation1996
T. W.Text Creation Partnership1647
Thomas EdwardsText Creation Partnership1644
Text Creation Partnership1643
Wayne R. SpearReformation Heritage2013
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1643
Francis HowgillText Creation Partnership1659
John MiltonText Creation Partnership1681
Jonathan DickinsonText Creation Partnership1729
Daniel FeatleyText Creation Partnership1644
Philip Nye
Alexander Henderson
Text Creation Partnership1643
Benjamin EastburnText Creation Partnership1723
Edward ReynoldsText Creation Partnership1650
James StanleyText Creation Partnership1642
Roger L’EstrangeText Creation Partnership1680
Westminster AssemblyText Creation Partnership1645
Robert LethamP&RThe Westminster Assembly and the Reformed Faith2009
Benjamin B. WarfieldFaithlifeThe Works of Benjamin B. Warfield2008
Andrew A. WoolseyReformation HeritageReformed Historical-Theological Studies2012