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Authors:Cindy Crosby (3), Thomas C. Oden (3), D. A. Carson (2), Rebecca Van Noord (1), David Jeremiah (1), Charles Stanley (1), James Moffatt (1), Larry Richards (1), Francis Jacox (1), Jane Williams (1), Jessi Strong (1), John C. Jeske (1)
Publishers:IVP (3), Crossway (2), Thomas Nelson (2), Lexham Press (1), Thomas Whittaker (1), Victor Books (1), Northwestern Publishing House (1), SPCK (1), Hodder and Stoughton (1)
Series:Ancient Christian Devotional (3), Lectionary Reflections (1)
Types:lbx.calendar-devotional (9), text.monograph (4)

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Rebecca Van Noord
Jessi Strong
Lexham Press2014
James MoffattHodder and Stoughton
Thomas C. Oden
Cindy Crosby
IVPAncient Christian Devotional2007
Thomas C. Oden
Cindy Crosby
IVPAncient Christian Devotional2011
Thomas C. Oden
Cindy Crosby
IVPAncient Christian Devotional2009
D. A. CarsonCrossway1998
D. A. CarsonCrossway1999
Jane WilliamsSPCKLectionary Reflections2003
Charles StanleyThomas Nelson1999
David JeremiahThomas Nelson2002
Francis JacoxThomas Whittaker1876
Larry RichardsVictor Books1990
John C. JeskeNorthwestern Publishing House2009