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Authors:R. C. Sproul (3), Paul Washer (1), Sinclair B. Ferguson (1), Nicholas Byfield (1), John Beach (1), John F. MacArthur Jr. (1), Neil T. Anderson (1), Norman L. Geisler (1), Richard Baxter (1), Michael S. Horton (1), Robert A. Peterson (1), J. Steven Harper (1), H. A. Ironside (1), Stephen M. Ashby (1), Sam Storms (1)
Publishers:Reformation Trust (3), Text Creation Partnership (3), Victor Books (1), Sam Storms (1), Loizeaux Brothers (1), P&R (1), Regal (1), Reformation Heritage (1), Zondervan (1), Crossway (1)
Series:The Crucial Questions Series (3), MacArthur Study Series (1), Explorations in Biblical Theology (1), Recovering the Gospel (1), Zondervan Counterpoints Series (1)
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John BeachText Creation Partnership1748
R. C. SproulReformation TrustThe Crucial Questions Series2010
R. C. SproulReformation TrustThe Crucial Questions Series2015
Sam StormsSam Storms2006
Norman L. Geisler
Michael S. Horton
Stephen M. Ashby
J. Steven Harper
ZondervanZondervan Counterpoints Series2002
H. A. IronsideLoizeaux Brothers1937
Paul WasherReformation HeritageRecovering the Gospel2014
R. C. SproulReformation TrustThe Crucial Questions Series2017
Robert A. PetersonP&RExplorations in Biblical Theology2009
John F. MacArthur Jr.Victor BooksMacArthur Study Series1992
Richard BaxterText Creation Partnership1653
Nicholas ByfieldText Creation Partnership1614
Sinclair B. FergusonCrossway2016
Neil T. AndersonRegal2001