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John EliotText Creation Partnership1679
Jonathan DickinsonText Creation Partnership1746
Robert BarrowText Creation Partnership1642
John WallisText Creation Partnership1697
Samuel ChandlerText Creation Partnership1699
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1675
Moses HemmenwayText Creation Partnership1781
Jeremy TaylorText Creation Partnership1653
Philip CaryText Creation Partnership1690
Philip CaryJ. Harris1690
Isaac BackusText Creation Partnership1764
Thomas GranthamText Creation Partnership1674
Isaac BackusText Creation Partnership1772
Chandler RobbinsText Creation Partnership1773
Isaac BackusText Creation Partnership1756
Isaac BackusEdes and Gill1770
Isaac BackusText Creation Partnership1770
Philip CaryJ. Harris1690
Edward HutchinsonFrancis Smith1676
Andrew RitorN.P.1642
Moses HemmenwayText Creation Partnership1790
Thomas JamesText Creation Partnership1695
John TombesText Creation Partnership1645
Joseph BrownText Creation Partnership1767
Samuel ChandlerText Creation Partnership1699
Samuel FisherHenry Hills1653
Samuel FisherText Creation Partnership1653
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Samuel FisherText Creation Partnership1655
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John BarretText Creation Partnership1678
Benjamin KeachText Creation Partnership1691
Thomas GranthamText Creation Partnership1687
John TombesText Creation Partnership1652
Richard BaxterText Creation Partnership1676
Benjamin KeachText Creation Partnership1693
Fred A. MaloneFounders Press2007
Increase Mather
Urian Oakes
Text Creation Partnership1680
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Jonathan Mitchel
Increase Mather
John Allin
Text Creation Partnership1675
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John CottonText Creation Partnership1772
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Joseph Morgan
Robert Hunter
Text Creation Partnership1713
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Printed for the author1695
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Bryan ChapellP&RBasics of the Reformed Faith2006