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Authors:Carmen S. Hardin (2), Craig A. Blaising (2), David Dickson (1), Ellen T. Charry (1)
Publishers:IVP (2), Brazos (1), Text Creation Partnership (1)
Series:Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (1), Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Rev.) (1), Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (1) (3), text.monograph (1)

Psalms 1-50 ⇒ Commentaries’s Shelf

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David DicksonText Creation Partnership1655
Craig A. Blaising
Carmen S. Hardin
IVPAncient Christian Commentary on Scripture2008
Carmen S. Hardin
Craig A. Blaising
IVPAncient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Rev.)2008
Ellen T. CharryBrazosBrazos Theological Commentary on the Bible2015