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Authors:Paul Avis (2), Edward Polhill (1), Jeremy Taylor (1), Martin Thornton (1), Gillian Rosemary Evans (1), John Robert Wright (1), John Howe (1), Ashley Null (1), Samuel C. Pascoe (1), John W. Yates III (1), Richard H. Schmidt (1)
Publishers:SPCK (2), T&T Clark (1), Paulist Press (1), Eerdmans (1), Cascade (1), Wipf & Stock (1), Thomas Ward and Co. (1), Crossway (1)
Series:The Classics of Western Spirituality (1), The Reformation Anglicanism Essential Library (1)
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Martin ThorntonWipf & Stock2012
Richard H. SchmidtEerdmans2002
Jeremy TaylorPaulist PressThe Classics of Western Spirituality1990
John Howe
Samuel C. Pascoe
Ashley Null
John W. Yates III
CrosswayThe Reformation Anglicanism Essential Library2017
Gillian Rosemary Evans
John Robert Wright
Paul AvisSPCK2013
Paul AvisT&T Clark2008
Edward PolhillThomas Ward and Co.1844