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Authors:Valentine Greatrakes (2), Morton T. Kelsey (1), Andrew Murray (1), Randy Clark (1), Bob R. Agee (1), R. A. Torrey (1), Bill Johnson (1), Roger D. Duke (1), Benjamin B. Warfield (1), Erwin Lutzer (1), Dilwyn Price (1), Reginald Cherry (1), William L. De Arteaga (1), Sam Storms (1), Vernon J. Bittner (1) and 2 more, Audrey Dawson (1), Samantha Nelson (1)
Publishers:Wipf & Stock (3), Moody (2), Text Creation Partnership (2), Christian Focus (1), Charles Scribner’s Sons (1), Christian Alliance (1), Sam Storms (1), Thomas Nelson (1), Chosen Books (1), The Hope of Survivors (1) and 2 more, Founders Press (1), Fortress Press (1)
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Valentine GreatrakesText Creation Partnership1666
William L. De ArteagaWipf & Stock2015
Benjamin B. WarfieldCharles Scribner’s Sons1918
Sam StormsSam Storms2006
Andrew MurrayChristian Alliance1900
R. A. TorreyMoody
Morton T. KelseyFortress Press1995
Reginald CherryThomas Nelson1999
Bill Johnson
Randy Clark
Chosen Books2012
Audrey DawsonWipf & Stock2008
Dilwyn PriceChristian Focus1997
Erwin LutzerMoody1997
Samantha NelsonThe Hope of Survivors2015
Roger D. Duke
Bob R. Agee
Founders Press2010
Valentine GreatrakesText Creation Partnership1666
Vernon J. BittnerWipf & Stock2008