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Authors:Julius Kaftan (2), Thomas Rawson Birks (1), Frédéric Louis Godet (1), Joseph Barber Lightfoot (1), Archibald Alexander (1), Arthur T. Pierson (1), Alexander Balmain Bruce (1), Christoph Ernst Luthardt (1), Richard Watson (1), James R. Page (1)
Publishers:T&T Clark (4), Macmillan and Co. (2), Charles Scribner’s Sons (1), Presbyterian Board of Publication (1), Rivingtons (1), F. A. Owen Publishing Co. (1), E. Stevenson (1), Fleming H. Revell (1)
Series:The Truth of the Christian Religion (2), The International Theological Library (1)
Types:text.monograph (10), text.monograph.systematic-theology (1)

Apologetics ⇒ History ⇒ 19th century’s Shelf

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Christoph Ernst LuthardtT&T Clark1872
Alexander Balmain BruceCharles Scribner’s SonsThe International Theological Library1892
Joseph Barber LightfootMacmillan and Co.1893
Archibald AlexanderPresbyterian Board of Publication1836
Frédéric Louis GodetT&T Clark1881
Arthur T. PiersonFleming H. Revell1886
Thomas Rawson BirksMacmillan and Co.1876
James R. PageRivingtons1863
Julius KaftanT&T ClarkThe Truth of the Christian Religion1894
Julius KaftanT&T ClarkThe Truth of the Christian Religion1894
Richard WatsonE. Stevenson
F. A. Owen Publishing Co.