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Authors:Jakob Böhme (2), Thomas Boston (1), Charles Sherlock (1), Michael Boston (1), Anthony A. Hoekema (1), Robert Wightman (1), George J. Zemek (1), John W. Cooper (1), F. G. Patterson (1), Ferrell Jenkins (1), Charles Morton (1), Nathanael Emmons (1), Christopher Love (1), John Howe (1), Samuel Terrien (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (7), Eerdmans (3), Dove Booksellers (1), Galaxie Software (1), Wipf & Stock (1), IVP (1), Florida College Bookstore (1)
Series:Florida College Annual Lectures (1), Contours of Christian Theology (1)
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George J. ZemekWipf & Stock2005
F. G. PattersonGalaxie Software2004
Jakob BöhmeText Creation Partnership1653
Jakob BöhmeText Creation Partnership1661
John W. CooperEerdmans2000
Anthony A. HoekemaEerdmans1994
Thomas Boston
Michael Boston
Robert Wightman
Text Creation Partnership1787
Ferrell JenkinsFlorida College BookstoreFlorida College Annual Lectures1995
Nathanael EmmonsText Creation Partnership1787
Charles SherlockIVPContours of Christian Theology1996
Christopher LoveText Creation Partnership1652
Charles MortonText Creation Partnership1692
John HoweText Creation Partnership1673
Samuel TerrienDove Booksellers