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Authors:Bernard of Clairvaux (1), Richard Viladesau (1), Francis Gregory (1), Richard D. Phillips (1), Philip Graham Ryken (1), Daniel M. Doriani (1), Henry Killigrew (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (2), Paulist Press (1), R. & T. Washbourne (1), Benziger Brothers (1), P&R (1)
Series:The Word in and out of Season (1), Reformed Expository Commentary (1)
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Henry KilligrewText Creation Partnership1666
Francis GregoryText Creation Partnership1678
Richard ViladesauPaulist PressThe Word in and out of Season1996
Bernard of ClairvauxBenziger Brothers
R. & T. Washbourne
Daniel M. Doriani
Philip Graham Ryken
Richard D. Phillips
P&RReformed Expository Commentary2008