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Authors:Richard Baxter (2), James Ussher (1), Thomas Jackson (1), Walter Charleton (1), George Walker (1), Stephen Lobb (1), William Perkins (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (6), Jonathan Robinson (1), J. Wyatt (1), J. Taylor (1), A. and J. Churchill (1), R. J. (1)
Types:text.monograph (6), text.monograph.systematic-theology (1)

Theology, doctrinal ⇒ 17th century’s Shelf

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James UssherA. and J. Churchill
J. Taylor
J. Wyatt
Jonathan Robinson
R. J.
Thomas JacksonText Creation Partnership1653
Richard Baxter
Stephen Lobb
Text Creation Partnership1699
William PerkinsText Creation Partnership1654
Richard BaxterText Creation Partnership1691
Walter CharletonText Creation Partnership1652
George WalkerText Creation Partnership1641