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Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1679
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1685
Thomas ColeText Creation Partnership1692
Increase Mather
Solomon Stoddard
Text Creation Partnership1714
George WhitefieldText Creation Partnership1739
Richard SalterText Creation Partnership1768
Stephen CrispText Creation Partnership1751
Isaac PeningtonText Creation Partnership1648
Jedidiah MillsText Creation Partnership1747
Moses HemmenwayText Creation Partnership1772
Francis HowgillText Creation Partnership1664
Samuel HopkinsText Creation Partnership1765
Jedidiah MillsText Creation Partnership1767
Samuel HopkinsText Creation Partnership1773
John BlairText Creation Partnership1771
Experience MayhewText Creation Partnership1744
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1702
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1678
Jonathan DickinsonText Creation Partnership1744
Samuel WillardText Creation Partnership1694
C. H. MackintoshLoizeaux Brothers
Moses HemmenwayText Creation Partnership1767
John GriffithText Creation Partnership1768
John Owen
Increase Mather
Text Creation Partnership1721
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1684
Nathaniel Appleton
William Brattle
Text Creation Partnership1763
Jonathan MayhewText Creation Partnership1761
Christopher NessText Creation Partnership1684
William DewsburyText Creation Partnership1655
Jonathan Edwards
William Cooper
Text Creation Partnership1741
Increase MatherText Creation Partnership1686
George WhitefieldText Creation Partnership1740
Jonathan DickinsonText Creation Partnership1743
Boston Synod
Increase Mather
Text Creation Partnership1679
Joseph PhippsText Creation Partnership1788
Joseph PhippsText Creation Partnership1793
George Stanley FaberR. B. Seeley and W. Burnside1840
Charles BackusText Creation Partnership1800
Samuel HopkinsText Creation Partnership1769
Francis RobertsText Creation Partnership1673
Thomas BromleyText Creation Partnership1692
David DicksonText Creation Partnership1664
John WitherspoonBaldwin and Cradock
Hamilton, Adams & Co.
Hurst, Chance, & Co.
Oliver & Boyd
Simpkin Marshall
W. Curry Jr. & Co
W. F. Wakeman
Whittaker, Treacher, & Arnot
William Collins
William Oliphant and Co.
William Whyte & Co.
Select Christian Authors with Introductory Essays1830
Cotton MatherText Creation Partnership1693
R. C. SproulReformation TrustThe Crucial Questions Series2010
Matthew BarrettP&RBasics of the Faith2013