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Authors:Mark A. Ellis (2), F. Leroy Forlines (2), Samuel Rutherford (1), Joseph Bellamy (1), Rustin Emery Brian (1), Jonathan Edwards (1), Francis Cheynell (1), Joseph C. Dillow (1), John Preston (1), Francis Rous (1), William Huntington (1), Richard Resbury (1), Moses Dickinson (1), Samuel Moodey (1), Robert E. Picirilli (1) and 1 more, Eliphalet Wright (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (9), Randall House (3), Pickwick Publications (2), Paniym Group (1), Cascade (1), Niven, Napier & Khull (1), Samuel and Archibald Gardner (1)
Series:The Arminian Confession of 1621 (2), Cascade Companions (1)
Types:text.monograph (16), text.monograph.systematic-theology (1)

Arminianism’s Shelf

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Samuel MoodeyText Creation Partnership1737
William HuntingtonText Creation Partnership1796
Moses DickinsonText Creation Partnership1750
Samuel RutherfordNiven, Napier & Khull
Samuel and Archibald Gardner
F. Leroy ForlinesRandall House2011
Robert E. PicirilliRandall House2002
Rustin Emery BrianCascadeCascade Companions2015
Francis RousText Creation Partnership1626
Mark A. EllisPickwick PublicationsThe Arminian Confession of 16212005
Mark A. EllisPickwick PublicationsThe Arminian Confession of 16212005
Eliphalet WrightText Creation Partnership1778
Richard ResburyText Creation Partnership1652
John PrestonText Creation Partnership1654
F. Leroy ForlinesRandall House2001
Joseph C. DillowPaniym Group2011
Francis CheynellText Creation Partnership1643
Jonathan Edwards
Joseph Bellamy
Text Creation Partnership1750