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Authors:Peter Taylor Forsyth (1), Joshua Scottow (1), Guy de Brès (1), Francis Cheynell (1), George Huntston Williams (1), Alexander Ross (1), E. Belfort Bax (1), Henrick van Haestens (1), Michael Sattler (1), J. H. Langenwalter (1), Henry C. Vedder (1), Benjamin Keach (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (5), Hodder and Stoughton (1), Knickerbocker Press (1), G. P. Putnam’s Sons (1), Herald Press (1), Macmillan Co. (1), Swan Sonnenschein & Co. (1), Westminster (1), Mennonite Book Concern (1)
Series:Classics of the Radical Reformation (1), The Library of Christian Classics (1)
Types:text.monograph (11)

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Benjamin KeachText Creation Partnership1694
Henrick van HaestensText Creation Partnership1658
Henry C. VedderG. P. Putnam’s Sons
Knickerbocker Press
J. H. LangenwalterMennonite Book Concern1922
Peter Taylor ForsythHodder and Stoughton1912
Alexander RossText Creation Partnership1655
E. Belfort BaxMacmillan Co.
Swan Sonnenschein & Co.
George Huntston WilliamsWestminsterThe Library of Christian Classics1957
Michael SattlerHerald PressClassics of the Radical Reformation1973
Francis CheynellText Creation Partnership1643
Guy de Brès
Joshua Scottow
Text Creation Partnership1668