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Authors:Juanita Ryan (1), Cynthia Heald (1), Ruth Ann Ridley (1), Eugene H. Peterson (1), Irving L. Jensen (1), Laurie Watson Manhardt (1), Joseph L. Ponessa (1), Douglas Sean O’Donnell (1)
Publishers:IVP (3), NavPress (1), Crossway (1), Emmaus Road (1), Here’s Life (1)
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Joseph L. Ponessa
Laurie Watson Manhardt
Emmaus RoadCome and See: Catholic Bible Study2006
Ruth Ann RidleyIVPA LifeGuide Bible Study2004
Cynthia HealdNavPress2000
Juanita RyanIVPA LifeGuide Bible Study2003
Irving L. JensenHere’s LifeDo-It-Yourself Bible Studies1989
Douglas Sean O’DonnellCrosswayKnowing the Bible2014
Eugene H. PetersonIVPA LifeGuide Bible Study2000