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Authors:Jean d’Espagne (2), Hugh Broughton (1), Herbert Palmer (1), Desiderius Erasmus (1), William Twisse (1), George Wither (1), Herman Witsius (1), John Smith (1), Thomas Long (1), William Pringle (1), Isaac Barrow (1), Samuel Page (1), George Downame (1), Thomas Lever (1), Arthur Dent (1) and 5 more, John Rawlet (1), William Gouge (1), William Burton (1), Thomas Fuller (1), Henry Finch (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (20), Thomas Clark (1)
Types:text.monograph (21)

Lord’s prayer ⇒ Early works to 1800’s Shelf

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Isaac BarrowText Creation Partnership1681
William TwisseText Creation Partnership1632
Desiderius ErasmusText Creation Partnership1526
George DownameText Creation Partnership1640
Samuel PageText Creation Partnership1631
William GougeText Creation Partnership1626
Arthur DentText Creation Partnership1613
Thomas LeverText Creation Partnership1551
Text Creation Partnership1627
Thomas FullerText Creation Partnership1654
Herbert PalmerText Creation Partnership1644
Thomas LongText Creation Partnership1658
John RawletText Creation Partnership1672
William BurtonText Creation Partnership1594
Hugh BroughtonText Creation Partnership1613
John SmithText Creation Partnership1629
George WitherText Creation Partnership1665
Herman Witsius
William Pringle
Thomas Clark1839
Henry FinchText Creation Partnership1599
Jean d’EspagneText Creation Partnership1646
Jean d’EspagneText Creation Partnership1658