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Authors:John Cosin (5), John Jewel (3), Hugh Latimer (2), Thomas Becon (2), Richard Hooker (2), Church of England (2), Myles Coverdale (1), William Bedell (1), Henry Hickman (1), John Pearson (1), Henry Hammond (1), John Owen (1), Henry Dodwell (1), George Hakewill (1), Francis Bacon (1) and 6 more, John Graile (1), Jeremy Taylor (1), William Covell (1), John Heigham (1), Philip B. Secor (1), William Prynne (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (19), Cambridge University Press (3), James Parker & Co. (2), John Henry Parker (2), Canterbury Press (2), J. H. & Jas. Parker (1), SPCK (1)
Series:The Works of Bishop Cosin (5), The Parker Society (2), Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology (2)
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William CovellText Creation Partnership1606
Francis BaconText Creation Partnership1641
Henry HammondText Creation Partnership1650
John JewelText Creation Partnership1567
George HakewillText Creation Partnership1641
Jeremy TaylorCanterbury PressCanterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology2011
John GraileText Creation Partnership1655
John OwenText Creation Partnership1682
John JewelText Creation Partnership1564
John JewelText Creation Partnership1562
William BedellText Creation Partnership1628
Church of EnglandText Creation Partnership1638
Church of EnglandText Creation Partnership1571
Henry HickmanText Creation Partnership1660
Richard HookerCanterbury PressCanterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology2009
John PearsonText Creation Partnership1660
Richard Hooker
Philip B. Secor
Hugh LatimerCambridge University PressThe Parker Society1845
Hugh LatimerCambridge University PressThe Parker Society1844
Thomas BeconText Creation Partnership1577
Henry DodwellText Creation Partnership1697
Thomas BeconText Creation Partnership1569
John HeighamText Creation Partnership1634
John CosinJames Parker & Co.The Works of Bishop Cosin1874
John CosinJames Parker & Co.The Works of Bishop Cosin1876
John CosinJohn Henry ParkerThe Works of Bishop Cosin1849
John CosinJohn Henry ParkerThe Works of Bishop Cosin1851
John CosinJ. H. & Jas. ParkerThe Works of Bishop Cosin1855
Myles CoverdaleCambridge University Press1844
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1637