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Authors:Barsanuphius (1), John (1), Polycarp Sherwood (1), Maximus of Constantinople (1), Basil of Caesarea (1), Gregory of Nyssa (1)
Publishers:Catholic University of America (2), Newman Press (1), St Vladimir’s Seminary Press (1)
Series:The Fathers of the Church (2), Ancient Christian Writers (1), Popular Patristics Series (1)
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Asceticism ⇒ History ⇒ Early church, ca. 30-600’s Shelf

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St Vladimir’s Seminary PressPopular Patristics Series2003
Basil of CaesareaCatholic University of AmericaThe Fathers of the Church1962
Gregory of NyssaCatholic University of AmericaThe Fathers of the Church1967
Polycarp Sherwood
Maximus of Constantinople
Newman PressAncient Christian Writers1955