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Authors:Frederick Douglass (2), James M’Cune Smith (1), George Buchanan (1), George Keith (1), Society of Friends (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (2), Sun Publishing Co. (1), J. S. Goodman & Co. (1), Park Publishing Co. (1), Geo. M. Rewell & Co. (1), Phillips and Hunt (1), Miller, Orton & Mulligan (1)
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Antislavery movements ⇒ United States’s Shelf

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Society of Friends
George Keith
Text Creation Partnership1693
George BuchananText Creation Partnership1793
Frederick DouglassGeo. M. Rewell & Co.
J. S. Goodman & Co.
Park Publishing Co.
Phillips and Hunt
Sun Publishing Co.
Frederick Douglass
James M’Cune Smith
Miller, Orton & Mulligan1855