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Authors:Benjamin Camfield (1), Hugh Boscawen Falmouth (1), George Rofe (1), Henry Lawrence (1), Ellen Gould White (1), Sergius Bulgakov (1), Steven Chase (1), Douglas Connelly (1), Increase Mather (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (4), Paulist Press (1), Eerdmans (1), Pacific Press (1), IVP (1)
Series:The Classics of Western Spirituality (1), A LifeGuide Bible Study (1)
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Benjamin CamfieldText Creation Partnership1678
Henry LawrenceText Creation Partnership1649
Steven ChasePaulist PressThe Classics of Western Spirituality2002
Increase Mather
Hugh Boscawen Falmouth
Text Creation Partnership1696
Douglas ConnellyIVPA LifeGuide Bible Study2004
George RofeText Creation Partnership1661
Sergius BulgakovEerdmans2010
Ellen Gould WhitePacific Press1996