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Authors:Robert Barclay (2), William Penn (2), Joseph Pike (2), John Burnyeat (1), Tace Endon (1), Samuel Crisp (1), Margaret Askew Fell Fox (1), Rowland Owen (1), Anthony Benezet (1), Thomas Ellwood (1), George Whitehead (1), Richard Davies (1), George Fox (1), William Sewel (1), John Spalding (1) and 2 more, England and Wales (1), Lindley Murray (1)
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William PennText Creation Partnership1694
Robert Barclay
Anthony Benezet
Samuel Crisp
Lindley Murray
John Spalding
Text Creation Partnership1799
William Penn
George Fox
Margaret Askew Fell Fox
Thomas Ellwood
Text Creation Partnership1800
George Whitehead
Richard Davies
Tace Endon
Rowland Owen
Text Creation Partnership1752
Joseph PikeText Creation Partnership1757
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1662
Robert Barclay
Joseph Pike
Text Creation Partnership1757
William SewelText Creation Partnership1728
John BurnyeatText Creation Partnership1691