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Authors:Leonel Lake Mitchell (2), Frederick Houk Borsch (1), George Woodward (1), Peter Adam (1), Jeremy Taylor (1), Howard E. Galley (1)
Publishers:Morehouse Publishing (3), Cowley Publications (1), Paulist Press (1), Latimer Trust (1)
Series:The Prayer Book Office Morning and Evening Prayer (1), The Classics of Western Spirituality (1), Anglican Foundations Series (1)
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Frederick Houk Borsch
George Woodward
Morehouse Publishing2009
Jeremy TaylorPaulist PressThe Classics of Western Spirituality1990
Leonel Lake MitchellMorehouse Publishing1985
Leonel Lake MitchellMorehouse Publishing1985
Howard E. GalleyCowley PublicationsThe Prayer Book Office Morning and Evening Prayer1989
Peter AdamLatimer TrustAnglican Foundations Series2012