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Authors:Thomas Hobbes (5), John Eachard (2), James Tyrrell (1), Lover of truth and virtue (1), James Lowde (1), Joseph Rickaby (1), Thomas Tenison (1)
Publishers:Text Creation Partnership (11), Burns and Oates (1), Benziger Brothers (1)
Types:text.monograph (12)

Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679’s Shelf

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James TyrrellText Creation Partnership1692
James LowdeText Creation Partnership1694
Thomas HobbesText Creation Partnership1680
Joseph RickabyBenziger Brothers
Burns and Oates
Lover of truth and virtueText Creation Partnership1680
John EachardText Creation Partnership1672
John EachardText Creation Partnership1673
Thomas TenisonText Creation Partnership1670
Thomas HobbesText Creation Partnership1680
Thomas HobbesText Creation Partnership1680
Thomas HobbesText Creation Partnership1679
Thomas HobbesText Creation Partnership1681