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Authors:Joseph Glanvill (1), Samuel Vernon (1), England and Wales (1), Mary Moore (1), Francis Grant (1), Mother Lakeland (1), Daniel Sennert (1), W. W. (1), Mary Pope (1), M. Y. (1), E. G. (1), R. T. (1), Lakeland (1), G. H. (1)
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Samuel VernonText Creation Partnership1654
Text Creation Partnership1628
Text Creation Partnership1579
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1682
Joseph GlanvillText Creation Partnership1666
E. G.Text Creation Partnership1652
Text Creation Partnership1579
W. W.Text Creation Partnership1582
Text Creation Partnership1645
Mary PopeText Creation Partnership1648
Francis GrantText Creation Partnership1698
Text Creation Partnership1645
Text Creation Partnership1589
Text Creation Partnership1566
Text Creation Partnership1645
M. Y.Text Creation Partnership1669
Mother LakelandText Creation Partnership1645
LakelandText Creation Partnership1645
Text Creation Partnership1606
R. T.Text Creation Partnership1670
Text Creation Partnership1662
Daniel SennertText Creation Partnership1662
Text Creation Partnership1682
Text Creation Partnership1652
Text Creation Partnership1612
Text Creation Partnership1619
G. H.Text Creation Partnership1651
Mary MooreText Creation Partnership1650