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Authors:Joseph Du Chesne (2), Robert Fludd (1), Paracelsus (1), Joseph Blagrave (1), Albertus de Saxonia (1), St. Albertus Magnus (1), Francis Herring (1), William Foster (1), George Starkey (1)
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Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric ⇒ Early works to 1800’s Shelf

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Joseph Du ChesneText Creation Partnership1591
Francis HerringText Creation Partnership1604
Joseph BlagraveText Creation Partnership1671
Robert FluddText Creation Partnership1631
William FosterText Creation Partnership1631
George StarkeyText Creation Partnership1657
ParacelsusText Creation Partnership1660
St. Albertus Magnus
Albertus de Saxonia
Text Creation Partnership1560
Joseph Du ChesneText Creation Partnership1605