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John BrowneText Creation Partnership1655
David StokesText Creation Partnership1659
Arnould BogaertText Creation Partnership1553
a nun HilgardText Creation Partnership1641
Walter RaleighText Creation Partnership1651
William FulkeText Creation Partnership1560
Walter GosteloText Creation Partnership1655
Erra PaterText Creation Partnership1683
Paul GrebnerText Creation Partnership1661
Lady EleanorText Creation Partnership1651
John WhalleyText Creation Partnership1698
John DoletaText Creation Partnership1586
Arise EvansText Creation Partnership1653
William LillyText Creation Partnership1683
James I
Paul Grebner
Merlin Ambrosius
Anne of Denmark
Text Creation Partnership1651
CleombrotusText Creation Partnership1679
Text Creation Partnership1691
Text Creation Partnership1665
James UssherText Creation Partnership1687
John RainoldsText Creation Partnership1649
George WalkerText Creation Partnership1690
Text Creation Partnership1700
Christopher LoveText Creation Partnership1651
Abraham CowleyText Creation Partnership1661
Lady EleanorText Creation Partnership1644
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1660