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Joseph GlanvillText Creation Partnership1668
George GiffordText Creation Partnership1593
Lambert DaneauText Creation Partnership1575
William PerkinsText Creation Partnership1610
George GiffordText Creation Partnership1587
John BrinleyText Creation Partnership1680
Text Creation Partnership1673
George KeithText Creation Partnership1690
Henry HollandText Creation Partnership1590
Alexander RobertsText Creation Partnership1616
Michel Marescot
Simon Pietre
Le Bouthillier
Abraham Hartwell
Text Creation Partnership1599
Anthony HorneckText Creation Partnership1682
Robert FilmerText Creation Partnership1653
Mary PopeText Creation Partnership1648
Richard BovetText Creation Partnership1684
Thomas CooperText Creation Partnership1622
Reginald ScotText Creation Partnership1651
John GauleText Creation Partnership1646
Joseph GlanvillText Creation Partnership1667
Text Creation Partnership1685
Sébastien MichaelisText Creation Partnership1613
James MasonText Creation Partnership1612
John CottaText Creation Partnership1624
John CottaText Creation Partnership1625
Thomas CooperText Creation Partnership1617
John CottaText Creation Partnership1616
John CottaText Creation Partnership1624
John PordageText Creation Partnership1683
Richard FarnworthText Creation Partnership1655