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Authors:Peter Heylyn (2), Robert Fage (2), Giovanni Botero (2), Joseph Moxon (1), Joannes Boemus (1), Peregrine Clifford Chamberlayne (1), John Speed (1), Samuel Purchas (1), William Alingham (1), John Newton (1), William Pemble (1), Ranulf Higden (1), George Abbot (1), Patrick Gordon (1), D. P. (1) and 9 more, Samuel Clarke (1), Pierre d’Avity (1), Sebastian Münster (1), Dudley Digges (1), Nathanael Carpenter (1), Laurence Echard (1), Thomas Hill (1), John Beaumont (1), William Dyer (1)
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Sebastian MünsterText Creation Partnership1572
George AbbotText Creation Partnership1664
William PembleText Creation Partnership1630
Joseph MoxonText Creation Partnership1676
Robert FageText Creation Partnership1658
Samuel ClarkeText Creation Partnership1657
Laurence EchardText Creation Partnership1691
John SpeedText Creation Partnership1646
William AlinghamText Creation Partnership1698
D. P.Text Creation Partnership1573
Peregrine Clifford ChamberlayneText Creation Partnership1682
John NewtonText Creation Partnership1679
Peter HeylynText Creation Partnership1652
Robert FageText Creation Partnership1667
Dudley DiggesText Creation Partnership1611
Nathanael CarpenterText Creation Partnership1635
Patrick GordonText Creation Partnership1699
Peter HeylynText Creation Partnership1625
Ranulf HigdenText Creation Partnership1482
Samuel PurchasText Creation Partnership1613
Giovanni BoteroText Creation Partnership1630
Pierre d’AvityText Creation Partnership1615
Joannes BoemusText Creation Partnership1611
John BeaumontText Creation Partnership1694
Thomas HillText Creation Partnership1599
Giovanni BoteroText Creation Partnership1601
William DyerText Creation Partnership1670