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Authors:England and Wales (2), Humphry Wollrich (1), John Lightfoot (1), William Boswell (1), Charles Gataker (1), Ondřej Habervešl z Habernfeldu (1), William Laud (1), Jeffrey Corbet (1), F. B. (1), Elkanah Settle (1)
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Anti-Catholicism ⇒ England ⇒ Early works to 1800’s Shelf

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John LightfootText Creation Partnership1689
Text Creation Partnership1679
Text Creation Partnership1688
Text Creation Partnership1688
William Laud
Ondřej Habervešl z Habernfeldu
William Boswell
Text Creation Partnership1679
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1641
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1641
Humphry WollrichText Creation Partnership1661
Elkanah SettleText Creation Partnership1679
Text Creation Partnership1689
Text Creation Partnership1681
Text Creation Partnership1643
Charles GatakerText Creation Partnership1674
Text Creation Partnership1624
Jeffrey CorbetText Creation Partnership1656
F. B.Text Creation Partnership1660