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East India Company’s Shelf

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Thomas SmithText Creation Partnership1681
John BrownText Creation Partnership1680
Elizabeth DaleText Creation Partnership1624
Thomas SmethwikeText Creation Partnership1628
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1685
Josiah ChildText Creation Partnership1689
Josiah ChildText Creation Partnership1681
John DarellText Creation Partnership1665
Richard BoothbyText Creation Partnership1644
Text Creation Partnership1695
William AtwoodText Creation Partnership1690
Charles DavenantText Creation Partnership1696
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1628
England and WalesText Creation Partnership1686
George CarewText Creation Partnership1682
Roger CokeText Creation Partnership1695
Charles Davenant
Text Creation Partnership1696
George Jeffreys
Thomas Sandys
Text Creation Partnership1689
Text Creation Partnership168
Text Creation Partnership1698
George VilliersText Creation Partnership1668
Josiah ChildText Creation Partnership1697
Thomas PrestonText Creation Partnership1679
William CourtenText Creation Partnership1674
Elinor JamesText Creation Partnership1688