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Authors:William Penn (6), William Smith (3), Edward Burrough (2), George Whitehead (2), John Higgins (2), Thomas Greene (2), William Prynne (2), Henry Fell (1), John Norris (1), John Aynsloe (1), Mary Forster (1), George Keith (1), William Ames (1), Thomas Smith (1), William Dewsbury (1) and 11 more, Robert Allen (1), William Mead (1), John Crook (1), Joseph Helling (1), Charles Harriss (1), James Parnell (1), William Caton (1), George Fox (1), John Banks (1), Francis Howgill (1), John Field (1)
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John AynsloeText Creation Partnership1664
John HigginsText Creation Partnership1663
William SmithText Creation Partnership1670
Thomas GreeneText Creation Partnership1665
William PennText Creation Partnership1674
William Penn
William Mead
Text Creation Partnership1680
Henry FellText Creation Partnership1661
Joseph HellingText Creation Partnership1661
William SmithText Creation Partnership1673
James ParnellText Creation Partnership1655
John CrookText Creation Partnership1664
George KeithText Creation Partnership1692
Thomas GreeneText Creation Partnership1660
John FieldText Creation Partnership1699
Edward BurroughText Creation Partnership1667
John BanksText Creation Partnership1693
William CatonText Creation Partnership1660
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1691
John HigginsText Creation Partnership1661
William AmesText Creation Partnership1661
William PennText Creation Partnership1669
Francis HowgillText Creation Partnership1660
William PennText Creation Partnership1675
William SmithText Creation Partnership1664
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1658
George FoxText Creation Partnership1666
Mary ForsterText Creation Partnership1684
William PennText Creation Partnership1675
Robert Allen
Charles Harriss
Text Creation Partnership1670
George WhiteheadText Creation Partnership1669
Thomas SmithText Creation Partnership1659
William PrynneText Creation Partnership1664
William PennText Creation Partnership1676
Text Creation Partnership1665
Edward BurroughText Creation Partnership1662
William DewsburyText Creation Partnership1661
John NorrisText Creation Partnership1692